Creating Impact e-book (PDF & ePub)

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This is the e-book version in both PDF and ePub files.

There are multiple challenges facing us within our practices and externally including system reforms, workforce issues, demand for services, clinical governance shortfalls and financial sustainability pressures. There has been no clear advice on a model that will guide you through this landscape, until now. 

Creating Impact: the four pillars of private psychology practice, is a comprehensive guide to an integrated pathway to success for all practices and practitioners regardless of size. The book is a collaboration between five experienced private practice psychologists each with different perspectives on the challenges and opportunities in private mental health practice. It offers medium and longer-term thinking and concrete solutions to the change management required in private health care today and in the future.


This book shares the authors’ experiences and learnings and the experiences of people they have supervised, coached, employed, rented rooms to, mentored and contracted in developing private psychology practice that they are proud of. The authors practices are located across Australia and the total number of years of experience is pushing 100. This is the book that many people have been waiting for that defines a comprehensive model of private psychology practice. We hope you enjoy the book and will apply many of the concepts, processes and ideas to your practice now and in the future.